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Serbian Starter Coupon2Speak will teach you the most used Serbian vocabulary and phrases. You will master basic conversational skills, like greeting someone, introducing yourself, and asking and answering complex questions. Join in a wide range of social interactions. Express your ideas, share your feelings, talk about daily life, business, and local events – all clearly and spontaneously. Make great progress in just 8 weeks.

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Software Description

What’s Included with 2Speak Serbian Software

If you were to print out the interactive study guide, there would be over 500 normal sized pages of text. 2Speak Serbian is comprehensive. Step by step, the text works with the course audio to teach you what you need to get fluent.

There are over 40 hours of native speaker audio that build upon the lessons of the interactive Serbian text. Learn to speak Serbian without an accent. Practice on your computer or export to your iPod or any other mp3 audio device in one click.

Gain unlimited access to the built-in Serbian language social network. Find an Serbian conversation partner that is also using the 2Speak Serbian course and compare notes.

Practice with Serbian speakers all over the world with the integrated audio and video chat. Master Serbian by practicing in the real-world.

2Speak Serbian Starter vs. 2Speak Serbian Complete

The only difference between the two courses is the amount of material you receive. 2Speak Serbian Starter is the first half of the course (roughly 600 hours of instruction). 2Speak Serbian Complete contains all the content of Serbian Starter, plus an additional 50% more.

Or you can visit software manufacturer’s website to buy 2Speak Serbian Starter/Serbian Complete at regular price $35.95/$65.95.