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Coupon Code for 2Speak Turkish Complete2Speak is organized around the idea that Turkish is more than just a series of pictures and vocabulary words. Adults need explanations to understand how something as complex as a new language actually works. Following the 4 step process – Read, Listen, Reflect, and Connect – you’ll be able to create your own Turkish sentences like a native speaker.

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Software Description

You’ll start each exercise with a dynamic text that explains a simple language concept in an easy to digest form. Sometimes an exercise will be an introduction to a new concept, sometimes it will review an old skill with a new twist, and sometimes it will offer you an additional opportunity to practice. It all depends on the Turkish language skill that is being taught.

Step 2: Listen

Linked with the integrated, digital text, 2speak includes comprehensive audio instruction delivered by native Turkish speakers. You’ll learn new vocabulary and phrases, you’ll practice proper pronunciation, and you’ll master the correct way to respond in spoken Turkish. Each audio session is related to a portion of the course text so that you’ll be able to read and hear the Turkish that you’re learning.

Step 3: Reflect

Learning Turkish can be challenging. Sometimes you need to take a few steps back and review your progress. 2Speak provides a language learning platform to help organize your studies and connect you with other Turkish language students. With the software’s language notebook, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and focus on areas that you need to practice. And because your software connects to our Turkish social network, you also have a place to collaborate, ask questions, and discuss how to improve.

Step 4: Connect

Nothing helps you to learn Turkish faster than trying to speak it out loud. Because of this, 2Speak has built in audio and video chat functionality. With the 2Speak Turkish social network, find a Turkish conversation partner in just a few clicks. Practice speaking with others over audio alone or turn on your webcam for a more interactive video chat experience.

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