Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my checkout price different from the price advertised?

We double-check every product before adding it to the catalog, so there can only be two reasons for the checkout price to be different:

1. Browser or cookies-related problem. If you’re looking at a shopping cart price that’s not discounted at all, it’s probably a browser glitch.

Please clear your browser’s cookies and try again. (With Internet Explorer, you may have to close all browser windows and restart the browser.) You can also try ordering using a different browser, like Firefox, Safari, or Opera.

2. Extended Download Service enabled by default. That’s the reason behind a slight price difference — the product simply comes with the Extended Download Service enabled by default. EDS is a service offered by RegNow,  which lets you store your software download on a secure server for backup purposes.
EDS typically adds a few dollars to the final price, but is entirely optional. If you don’t need it, just remove it from the shopping cart (tick the checkbox under Remove, then click the Update button.)

If nothing above works, please let us know as soon as you can, so we can look into the problem immediately.

Will a product bought through your site be any different from the vendor’s version?

No. Every product you buy from us is 100% identical to the one on the vendor’s site, except for the price, which is invariably lower with us. In other words, you are always buying a 100% original, legal copy of the product — at a very good price.

How do I get customer support for products bought through your site?

Support is provided directly by the product manufacturer. You will get the address of their support team on the email receipt when a transaction is completed, along with your registration key if needed.

Can you help me get a discount for a product that’s not in your database?

Yes, that’s often possible. Please click here to request a personal discount. We’ll try to find the best possible deal for you, or suggest a similar product, if available, within 24 hours or less.